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From 14 weeks onwards, come and practice a specific programme which will lessen lower back pain, strengthen the pelvic floor, create space in the pelvic region and the uterus, thus ensuring proper blood circulation and adequate room for the baby to move. The programme will focus on the relaxation aspect of Iyengar yoga to relieve tiredness and tension and revitalise the internal organs. The environment is relaxed, friendly and supportive.
Come and socialise with other expectant 'mums'.
The Iyengar method uses props to assist students so that mother and baby obtain the maximum benefit from postures without any strain.
Between 10 and 14 weeks the risk of miscarriage is at its greatest, and therefore you should not practise yoga at all during this time. You should not start pregnancy classes in the late stages (after 28 weeks)of pregnancy if you are new to yoga.

Yoga to help your body recover after the birth

The focus is on posture, rebuilding strength and stamina, restoring abdominal/hip/pelvic areas, relaxation and breathing, and giving you energy in your new role as 'mum'.
Classes will suit both those who have previous experience of Iyengar yoga and absolute beginners.
The environment is relaxed, friendly and supportive. If your baby is less than 6 months old (i.e. not yet crawling), you can bring them along in their car seat with a favourite toy. A comfy seated area is available for feeding.
Doors open 15 minutes before class so you can attend to your baby's needs.
You should not begin classes until 6-8 weeks after a natural birth and a doctor's check-up. If you have had a C-section/labour complications, then classes should commence only after wounds heal and you have consulted your doctor.

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