We’re football crazy…..

Birmingham City Football Club does Iyengar Yoga!!! Having been a lifelong football fan particularly of my hometown team  Birmingham City Football Club I was overwhelmed and honoured in 2005 to have the opportunity to teach them! A little background. … Everyone now talks of ‘Yoga for Sport’ and there are so many teacher training courses how to teach yoga to sports persons etc.  However the history of this explosion of interest goes back  in the UK I believe to around 2003 when Irish footballer Roy Keane  the then Captain of Manchester United Football team walked into a church hall somewhere  in the Cheshire area to attend a yoga class. He was so impressed with the teachings and the fact that the average man or woman , particularly  those much older and stiffer  than he , could do all these yogasanas – whereas him being a young top athlete could not!  This got him thinking, attending regularly and then hooked ! Shortly after that Man United had Iyengar yoga at their training ground and many of the huge football stars most notably Ryan Giggs took to yoga – the rest  – as they say is history.  Giggs put his longevity in … Continue reading We’re football crazy…..